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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 19, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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accident she now speaks with a french accent. she said having the new voice has made her anxious and depressed. >> i don't try to hold it in because for me it was not healthy. it makes me so angry because i am australian. i am not french. >> how odd. they say it's a real condition. >> i woke up with an australian accident. >> thanks for watching around the world. i'm out of here. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. >> another dead end in a search for jimmy hoffa's remains. does this mean the hunt is over.
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was the twa flight explosion caused by a wiring problem or sinister forces. a new documentary claims it had proof the explosion came from outside the plan. president obama wants to cut nuclear stockpiles. we start with this. retired disaster investigators are saying the government's explanation for major airline crash is a lie. they are talking about twa flight 800. it's a 747, exploded over the east coast. this happened back in 1996. all 230 people on board died from that. a new documentary has interviews with investigators who say they were told what to report. >> what would your analysis have been?
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>> the primary conclusion was the explosive forces came from outside the plane, not the center fuel tank. >> would that statement have been in your analysis? >> if i got the right one. >> the agenda was this was an accident, make it so. >> the investigators who are breaking their silence are now all retired. they say that evidence has always shown externl force, an explosion outside the plane caused that plane to go down. after two days of digging, in is in a detroit field, the latest search for jimmy hoffa's remains turned up nothing. even so the fbi says the 40 kwleerld ca -year-old case remains open. a former mobster tipped them off he may be buried on this property. >> any time we get any information, we vet it and
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double check it an consider other sources. in doing that we were led to the conclusion there was enough probable cause for us to continue with the investigation and conduct our efforts here over the past couple of days. >> is the search over. do they continue. >> reporter: the search is never over until they find nearly fou. they used cadaver dogs and use bulldozers in the field behind me. they got a tip from an alleged mobster, an 85-year-old. the tip told us it was highly credible. the most credible tip they have gotten this entire time.
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they dug for two plus days. they said they are confident they came up wp no human remains. >> the search continues. >> reporter: right. what's interesting is this tip being so quote highly credible because it came from man who said he was very good friends with hoffa. he said he was brought here and hit over the head. they vetted that time and time again but it didn't check out. the reputed mob boss james whitey bulger is in a courtroom. he's on trial for murder. this is another day of testimony from the prosecution's key witness. tell us about some of the details that have emerged.
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>> reporter: it was really interesting because whitey bulger's lawyers did exactly what they are supposed to do. they tried to undermine the credibility of the government's star witness, hammering away portraying him as a liar. as the cross-examination went on it was rapid fire questions one after another bringing up incon sis t inconsistenci inconsistencies. they said you lied to your friend john callahan before you killed him and he said that was a necessity. i told john i wanted to see him. i wouldn't tell him i wanted to shoot him. his reasoning, his logic in terms of how he answered this question very clear and straightforward. they lawyers try to cast doubt
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saying he was there. he looked confused. in the end prosecutors really did what they needed to do and when they came for redirect they lifted a number of names of the victims saying isn't it true they were involved in the murder and they listed name after name and that really resonated with the entire courtroom. >> dramatic moments. thank you. appreciate it. hot temperatures making it tough for firefighters in parts of the western u.s. as they are fighting several big fires. you see it there. one of the worst. this is near prescott, arizona. it's burned more than 5,000 acres. in california a fire has burned almost 2,000 acres. it's threatening hundreds of
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homes. firefighters are finally starting to get handle on that fire. right now it's about 40% contained. the fbi director is getting questions about those surveillance programs that are causing so much debate. he defending the program in hearing. it happened earlier today. he says it's crucial in helping connect the dots about possible terrorist plots. i want to bring in joe johns talking about what he said in this hearing and how did he defend some of these surveillance programs. a lot of people worried about this. >> that's true. the outgoing fbi director appearing before the senate judiciary committee possibly for the last time while holding this job. he's gotten some kind words but tough questioning about that secret data collection program. it was revealed by edward snowden. he defended the program as
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necessary in the fight against terrorism. listen. >> you never know which dot is going to be t. what you want is as many dots as you can. if you close down a program like this you're removing dots from the playing field. now, it may make that decision that it's not worth it but let there be tho mistake there will be those fewer dots out there to connect if you do not have that ability to go back in records. >> he also gave an example. he said in 2003 authorities investigating a guy in san diego for providing assistance to the militant islamist group in s somalia. in 2007 they went back with use of the data program and able to get the information they needed. the suspect was arrested and is
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about to be sentenced. >> there was also information about drones. did he talk about that at all? >> he did. he said the u.s. does use drones for surveillance. he said the footprint of it is very small. they do it in a very minimal way, very well seldom. he said they only have a few of them. he doesn't know what happens to the pictures they take. >> more questions than answers. he mentioned he believes that cyber threats will eclipse terror threats in coming years. he believe that's going to be a big problem. we're following the economy. whether or not it's looking up. there's mixed opinions. men disappears from the workplace. we'll take a look at the job market. that's happening up next. then, the jury selection continues in the george zimmerman trial. we're hearing from trayvon martin's parents.
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they are sitting in the same room as their son's alleged killer. >> it's difficult. seeing the killer of our child sit there with this big stare as if he did nothing. she didn't want to testify but she did. just two weeks after her apparent attempted suicide. paris jackson says she's a daddy's girl. she's been devastated and lost since michael jackson's death. we'll have the latest on her condition, her testimony. that's in the wrongful death case against her father's promoter. matt's brakes didn't sound right... i brought my car to mike at meineke...
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. president obama calls for freedom, equal opportunity and a reduction in the world's stockpile. this is in a history speech in germany. he spoke at the brandenburg gate in berlin. his speech took place almost 50 years exactly after another president delivered these words. >> as a free man i take pride in
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the words. >> that of course john f. kennedy declaring i am a berliner. the gate is also where president ronald reagan said this back in 1987. >> tear down this wall. >> in his speech today president obama called for the u.s. and russia to reduce their nuclear arsenals. listen. >> i'm announcing additional steps forward. after a review i've determined we can ensure the security of america and our allies and reduce our deployed va strategic weapon by one-third. >> i want to bring in our chief political analyst. first of all, the president touching a will the of broad themes but about reducie ining
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nuclear weapons. what do you think he accomplish? >> i think this was a legacy speech. he had to look back at the speech he gave five years ago in berlin and expand upon it as somebody who has served as the president of the united states but it was a broad themed speech. he talked about speech for justice. that was his overarching theme here. i think he tried to remind people who were there what we've been through in this world and what we are still going through and the fact that there is no more wall there, he said doesn't matter. we still faced enemies. that was his opening to talk about the balance between liberty and security which is so important to people in germany and all from nuclear disarmament which is also important over there and around the world. i think this was an opportunity for him which he doesn't get these kind of moments at home
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very often. he gives these speeches on particular issues. he's in fights with congress constantly. he's in a position of explaining and explaining and explaining as he is with the national security agency controversy. this was a moment for him out of the country to take a place on the world stage which is exactly what he did. >> those are the kind of moments that the president, the administration really wants. >> sure. >> do you have these news conferences that happen and you get these questions that we want to know about and that's the nsa surveillance program and whether or not there are more details that will come out. he was asked at that press conference. here is how he responded. >> we know of at least 50 threats that have been averted because of this information not just in the united states but in some cases threats here in
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germany. lives have been saved. >> how far did he go quietening a lot of questions, the uproar around the surveillance program? >> reporter: we don't really know yet. we know he spoke privately. she told people she had to raise it because it's a very unpopular thing in germany. i think pointing out that terrorism was thwarted in germany may have gone some way of solving the problem. it's german citizens are the ones who are worried their phone calls are being listened to. they are worried and concerned about this. i think he did speak about it open ly openly. i think he probably has gone sway toward explaining it although you can't just do that in one speech or one press
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conference. >> good to see you as always. we're following this story as well. trayvon martin's father he is speaking out about sitting across from george zimmerman in court. what he is saying. the latest on the jury selection in the trial. #%tia[ okay team!
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there were more victims in that cleveland house where three abducted women were found, that's the question. the man faced a judge this morning. you see him there at a pretrial hearing. he already faced 328 counts of rape and kidnapping and one of murder. you see him there. he punched one of the women who was pregnant at the time in the stomach forcing her to miscarry. this is out of ashton, ohio. police are found case of what they call modern day slavery. they arrested three people
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accused of holding a disabled woman and her child for more than two years against her will. in that time authorities say they were forced to clean, do laundry, care for animals. police say those three kept them in a padlocked room and only fed them canned food and table scraps. >> this case is nothing less than a case of modern day slavery. they treated her worse than they treated the animals that were in that house. >> inside police say the alleged captor threatened the mother and child with large snakes and dogs to keep them in line. investigators called their living conditions quote, subhuman. in sanford, florida the second round of jury selection in george zimmerman's murder trial. he's accused of killing teenager trayvon martin last year in a case that he claims was
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self-defense. he is charged with second-degree murder. now martin who is african-american was shot to death. zimmerman is hispanic. martin's killing set up a national debate about race relations. jury selection has now moved on to the second round. george zimmerman's family coming to his defense. his brother says we're all sympathetic to the tragic reality of out living a son or daughter. however, george acted in self-defense. self-defense should not be criminalized and we stand by george because he told the truth. trayvon martin's father is in the courtroom as his son's accused killer faces his trial. he says he is hoping jury selection will end with a panel that is fair. martin spoke with our sister network hln afterdark and hear
10:24 am
is what he had to say. >> is it difficult to be in a room with george zimmerman? >> very. very. it's difficult sitting there. seeing the killer of our child sit there with this fixed stare as if he did nothing. >> you can watch the full interview at 10:00 p.m. eastern on hln. katy perry said her secret to goot health taking vitamins a supplements. paris jackson did not want to testify at michael jackson's wrongful death trial but she did. in her testimony she reveals how the nanny was obsessed with her father. you'll hear from her, next. >> my dad didn't like her so he tried to like keep her away from
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this is what washington bridge looked like on may 23rd. it collapse ed sending cars plunging into the river. a temporary bridge is open that are restore the route. the bridge was lifted as functionally obsolete. the transportation department is planning to restore and not fully rebuild the bridge. in positive news, wall street might not be making its way to main street. there's a new poll that finds americans not feeling so good about their own personal finances. i want to bring in our financial lifestyle coach with us in the house in atlanta.
10:29 am
what is the general mood, the feeling people have about their situation? >> the poll surveys 1,000 people. most americans still think the economy is in poor shape. the number of people saying the economic conditions are good is 75% up from 26%. this is important because when people feel good about the economy and all of that does contribute to economic growth. on a personal level only 33% saying they are personally better off. 44% say they are financially worse off than they were one year ago which didn't bode well for this recovery. there are still 12 approximamil americans out of work and americans are split. 50% saying economic conditions will be good in the summer of 2014. 49% say they will be bad.
10:30 am
>> thanks. hold on. i want to bring in clyde. how do we make ourselves feel better about our own situation? >> we have to be realistic and not listen to the nay sayers. >> that's hard. >> it's coming from every direction. if i've lost my job and my neighbor hasn't, i'm going to feel it a lot different than they have. when you look at the polls a lot of people that say it's better probably still have their job or got new strings of income, additional employment or a raise. people that says it's worse maybe they lost a job because you have to look at the cost of goods and services are going up while wages are stagnant. they will feel the pinch than somebody else. >> should we go in thinking things will get better? >> i always like to be optimist
10:31 am
optimistic. what we're looking at is the new normal. i don't think we're going to go back to the way it used to be. we have to figure out how do we adjust? how to we make sure we're protected. we have seen that unemployment in some states are still 9%. we still have some issues that we have to work on. i want to be optimistic but i want to be a realist and let people know they have to prepare for rough times. >> thank you so much. let's look at the markets to see if we have real reason to be excited. the dow is down. this as we're waiting for the ben bernanke to announce results of a two-day policy making meeting. we'll see what he had to say later today. obesity no longer just a
10:32 am
problem. this is being called a disease. the nation's largest doctors group, the american medical association voted to recognize obesity as a disease yesterday. this is at the annual meeting in chicago. they hope it will push to make obesity more seriously and find better ways to tackle the problem. about one in three americans are considered obese. obesity rates have doubled among adults in the past 20 years and tripled among children. this question, whether or not you should take vitamins or not. one doctor who wrote a book says there are more risks than benefits. our own dr. sanjay gupta takes a look at the reasoning. >> it's a provocative book. do you believe in magic. that's the title of the book. he's a provocative guy.
10:33 am
he's spoken very dogmatically about vaccines and autism and the fact there's no link between these two things. the vitamin industry is a $28 billion industry. 40% of americans take vitamins and he was one until he started researching this book. realize he does not mince any words here. >> the megavitamins is something you should avoid. it amazes me that we don't know this. it's sad. when vioxx was found to increase one's risk of heart disease if you took a fair amount, we knew that in a second. the fda regulated. it was clear this was a problem and the company that made it took it off the market.
10:34 am
megavitamins is worse than vioxx and we don't know about it. the industry knows it with market that away. >> vitamins could be worse than vioxx? >> yeah. >> the alternative medicine sorts of get a free pass. they don't have the same level of scrutiny as the pharmaceutical industry. he think it's a significant problem the idea you call something natural that has 50 times the amount of vitamin that you can take in a single day is not natural. a lot of people will continue to take their vitamins. they have this to say specifically. the consumers should use caution when considering megadoses of any is up policemens, carefully research these choices and consult a health care professional with questions. we take them because we believe
10:35 am
the antioxidants can help us live longer. we need some oxidation in our body. that's what he's saying. not only is this megadosing not good, he thinks it's potentially bad. eat real food. that's the advice i give people and probably a good piece of advice now. >> he's going to have more with this weekend. sund also, coming up this weekend cnn's new show "inside man" airs sunday night. this will focus on the business of medical marijuana. that's this sunday on cnn. this hour the tea party holding an audit the irs rally. we'll take a closer look at reports that the irs targeted more than tea party groups.
10:36 am
yesterday we told you the story about how three djs were fired for making fun of a former nfl player with als. they have since apologized to steve gleason and what he is saying now. that's all coming up. i'm the next american success story. working for a company where over seventy-five percent of store management started as hourly associates. there's opportunity here. i can use walmart's education benefits to get a degree, maybe work in it, or be an engineer, helping walmart conserve energy. even
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we're looking at live pictures of a tea party protest. they are calling it awe did the irs. they found an irs unit in cincinnati used criteria that included conservative labels like tea party to target c servetive questions for extra questioning. high ranking irs officials say the agency was not trying to
10:40 am
target anyone just using the term tea party to more efficiently review applications by political groups. cnn has spoken to a retired air marshal who said he was targeted by the irs for appearing in a film that was critical of the tsa. >> reporter: he spoke out and became a well known government whistle blower against the federal air marshal service and department of homeland security. he even testified closed doors before congress. it's after he retired in june 2010 that he came together that someone in the department of homeland security or the obama administration was using the irs to retaliate against him. >> we boarded the aircraft before the passengers. that was one of flaws in the
10:41 am
boarding procedures. >> reporter: he appeared in this documentary movie entitled please remove your shoes. a spoof of the tsa security procedures. its debut came on june 30th, 2010. that same day he found out he was under investigation by the irs. >> almost to the hour that the movie started there was an irs agent knocking on my door at home. >> you don't think in any that a coincidence? >> i think the irs will claim it is. >> reporter: he was being audited. a lien was placed on his home and a yearlong investigation into his taxes was under way. in the end the irs found out the federal government owed him $8300 and he owed the irs a mere $480. he had to pay that $480 but because the irs decided the
10:42 am
statute of limitations had hundred the government didn't owe black a dime. they're trying to find out if anyone in the federal government used the irs to punish jeff black. >> they wanted know the history of my whistle blowing. they wanted a whole history of my employment with the federal air marshal service. they also wanted to find out the origin of the audit. they were concerned with finding out who pushed the button to start the audit. >> reporter: meanwhile, a spokesperson for the house ways and means committee told cnn it's using the committee website to get support from individual who is believe they were targeted for political believes. while it's too early to determine what all of the facts
10:43 am
are the spokesperson told cnn, some reports received by the committee support claims the irs was targeting taxpayers for their beliefs. >> is there any doubt in your mind that what the irs did to you is anything other than retaliation for speaking out against the administration? >> extensive retaliation in the past for my whistle blower. i'm not surprised about this. it's basically the only way they can still come after me and retaliate against me after i retire. >> reporter: jeff black realizes many people will see this and think he's paranoid but last month after a congressional hearing focusing on the irs targeting of tea party type groups congressman kevin brady wondered if the irs scandal is only beginning. >> is this still america? is this government so drunk on power that it could turn its
10:44 am
full force, its full might to harass and intimidate and threaten an average american who only wants her voice and their voices heard? >> you think there's others like it? >> i do. >> an irs spokesperson says the agency does not comment on specific cases but told cnn, in general the irs stresses that audits are based on the information contained on the tax return and the underlying tax law, nothing else. coming up this weekend, director ridley scott joins with crimes of the scene. that airs at 9:00 p.m. eastern. only weeks after an apparent suicide attempt, paris jackson makes her first appearance at the wrongful death trial of her father. on video tape she makes that appearance. find out what she has to say about the jackson family nanny,
10:45 am
up next.
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we're looking at scenes from michael jackson's last rehearsal before his death. that was in los angeles and it was four years ago. the clip provided by his concert promoter, aeg live. the company being sued for
10:48 am
wrongful death. now his oldest children have made their first appearances in the trial bringing video deposition. we want to bring in michelle turner. tell us how did this happen with paris jackson and her testimony and how was i used? >> it seemed to be used as part of a defense tactic to discredit an upcoming witness. this witness is going to be a former nanny for the jackson children. she's been described as a mother figure to the kids but the video has been played where paris said her father didn't like the nanmynanny because he said she was sneaky and lied a lot. paris said he didn't fire her because he felt sorry for her and then she described this encounter. i can't wait tell you hear this that she called creepy. listen to what she had to say. >> got creeped out. no joke.
10:49 am
this doctor, when he was staying in a hotel or whatever like she would call the thoel and say she was his wife. she was obsessed with him. she called to say she was his wife and they let her in and he would wake up and she would be in his bed. >> the reason why this is so important is because the expectation is the nanny will be a witness for the plaintiff, which is the jackson family that includes paris later in the trial. apparently they wanted to lay some ground work and for aeg to have her saying these things about this woman is very powerful for them. >> how was it she was able to video tape a deposition for the trial considering her held and everything she's gone through? >> this deposition was a while ago.
10:50 am
she couldn't testify live because she is still recovering in the hospital after her suicide attempt. you might be because she is a plaintiff like i was just talking about, the attorneys for aeg were able to depose her. they were also able to depose her brother, prince, as well. he appeared in a video deposition also denying the story he had to help his father get up the stairs to his house after rehearsal because he was so weak. these children are really involved in this case because they are plaintiffs. we're going to see a lot more of them as the trial continues. >> is it possible they would testify live later on town the road? >> that has been talked about. they may be called to the stand. not the youngest one, blanket. prince michael and paris were both on the witness list. not sure what's fwoing to happen with paris because of what she just went through. she is still getting medical care. but i to think that we will see prince testify live. you know, he is now 16 years old. he's a very mature young man.
10:51 am
and i think that he probably will take the stand in this case. >> all right. of course, we wish paris good in her -- well in her recovery as well. thank you, nischelle. appreciate it. this is a movie fit for a syfy blockbuster when you think about it. nasa asking the public to help find asteroids that are a threat to the human race. next in "cnn newsroom." serena williams, 16 time grand slam title winner opens up not just about the game, but a particular rape case. her comments getting under the skin of a few critics. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 [ trader ] when i'm trading, i'm totally focused.
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now for a look at what's trending, nasa wants you to help in tracking town some big space rocks that might be headed our way. not kidding here. the space agency has kicked off a grand challenge aimed at finding asteroids that could target the earth. even amateur astronomers to search for asteroids that have not yet been detected. nasa says it has found about 95% of the big asteroids that are near the earth's orbit. but it wants to find all of them. you can check out to find out how you can play a part in the program. serena williams under fire now for comments she made about the steubenville, ohio, rape
10:55 am
case. three high school football players were found guilty raping an intoxicated girl. and it made national headlines. in an interview with "rolling stone" williams said, quote, they did something stupid, but i don't know. i'm not blaming the girl, but if you're a 16-year-old and you're drunk like that, your parents should teach you, don't take drinks from other people. she then went on to say, it could have been much worse. she is lucky. obviously, i don't know. maybe she wasn't a virgin. but she should not have put herself in that position unless they slipped her something, then that's different. in a statement posted on williams' blog she said, quote, here, we're following up, i am currently reaching out to the girl's family to let her know i am deeply sorry for what was written in the "rolling stone" article. that what was written, what i supposedly said, is insensitive and hurtful. i by no means would say or
10:56 am
insinuate she was at all to blame. yesterday we brought you this story. we told you about how three hosts of a sports radio show were fired for making fun of a former nfl player with als. they have since apologized to steve gleason. what he is saying now. up next. where we switched their fruits brosand veggiestand with produce from walmart. it's a fresh-over. that's great. tastes like you just picked them. so far it's about the best strawberry i've had this year. walmart works directly with growers to get you the best quality of produce they've ever had. all this produce... is from walmart. oh my god. i'm shocked. (laughing) i know where i'm going to be shopping for strawberries now. get 2 full pounds of strawberries, just $2.98. backed by our 100% money back guarantee.
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walmart congestion, for it's smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment.
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one of the radio hosts fired for mocking former nfl player steve gleason who has als is
10:59 am
saying more about that incident. he says he would have been offended by the comments if he had been in his car listening to that skit. one of the deejays pretended to be steve gleason by making his voice sound automated. then they made fun of him. gleason uses a machine to talk through because als takes away your ability to speak, breathe and move. i met with steve back in march for my series on als that's airing next week. here's what he said about the deejay's apology. >> received and accepted. we have all made mistakes in this life. how we learn from our mistakes is the measure of who we are. i think everyone can learn from this event. next week, we are going in-depth on als in a three-part series. you'll learn more about former new orleans saints player steve gleason who is battling als. plus, you're fwoing to see how families are coping to support people with the disease. our own sanjay gupta is going to join us to discuss what is being
11:00 am
done in the medical world. that's wednesday through friday, 1:00 p.m. eastern, right here on cnn. that's it for me. "cnn newsroom" continues. have a great afternoon. brooke baldwin takes it from brooke baldwin takes it from here. -- captions by vitac -- when he speaks, people listen. what ben bernanke announces in just moments will impact everything from your 401(k), your mortgage, your cash. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. tragedy at a pool party. someone pours liquid nitrogen into the water. what happens next is horrifying. >> we put a camera on the hood of our car and drove through the neighborhood at night. >> re-enacting the scene when trayvon martin was killed. plus, serena williams being accused of blaming the victim after her remarks about the steubenville rape case. and -- >> i really don't know why. that's my
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